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We at Field Medix understand that the business of technology can be frustrating. This is why we offer a range of services that are designed to make our customers life easier.
Our complete service organization offers Field Services, Network Cabling, Local and Wide Area Network's, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Audio Visual (AV),  Printer Repair, Depot Repair, Inventory Management as well as Parts Warehousing and Distribution.
Whatever industry, whatever the size of the company, we will bring a high quality of service and a secure solution that is easy to implement and use.
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

Security Surveillance for Business:

Field Medix understands the needs of businesses and institutions. Business requirements include security, visitor and staff behavior. Images may have to be handled sensitively.

A system must be comprehensive, user friendly, efficient to operate, and economic to install and maintain.

The CCTV requirements of each business are unique to it and Field Medix will work with you to identify a system that will deliver your objectives.

Field Medix provide a full package, installation, 24/7 support and maintenance.

Field Medix can add value to your business or property with the latest CCTV protection. Your business and property are safer, your tenants are happier and it can all be reliably achieved at remarkably low cost.

CCTV offers you:

  • Visual deterrence: 67% of burglars avoid property protected by CCTV.
  • Clarity, quality color and infra-red night vision.
  • Live monitoring: You can view over the internet.
  • Instant playback of activity or events.
  • High Quality imagery. Evidence of events for police, or insurance purposes.
  • Live viewing of pictures.


Field Medix offers you:

  • A quality assured design, installation, and after sales service
  • Indoor, Outdoor Weatherproof or Vandal Proof cameras
  • Digital video recorders (DVR) from 4 to an unlimited amount of channels
  • High speed internet streaming with the latest protocols
  • Control of security assets from a central location over the web. Ability to move cameras and zoom in from hundreds miles away.
  • Recording of date, time and camera location of images.
  • DVR capacity of up to four MONTHS continuously that can be reviewed at any time.
  • Events of interest can be copied to disk and printed.
  • No more changing tapes every day, no more low quality grainy recording.


After Sales Service:

Once your CCTV system is up and running, Field Medix’s 24/7 service will help you get the most from your system. CCTV security is not complicated, but even the best technology is only as good as the users, Field Medix is there to help if you or your staff need extra training to ensure maximum effectiveness. Peace of mind comes with the Field Medix package.

We visit you on site at regular intervals and check out your CCTV system thoroughly.

If there is a security incident we will view the data and provide the police with relevant detail.

Field Medix offers the latest generation of digital CCTV, affordably tailored to your specific needs. Conspicuous cameras in some areas to deter criminals; unobtrusive ones blending with your décor, while still providing vital records and evidence, in others.

Call Field Medix today to discuss you requirements at (954) 481-1850.


Security Surveillance for Residential:

Field Medix understands the needs of homeowners. The CCTV solution for your home should be both effective and value for your money. Modern systems are substantially better than old technology but, amazingly, 200% cheaper. Protected with the latest CCTV, your home is safer, your family is safer, and you can monitor the cameras, from anywhere, over the internet.


Security Surveillance for Vehicles:

Field Medix understands the needs of taxi operators and other vehicle owners who need special protection to stop people breaking into vehicles, monitor driver and passenger behavior, parked security, or provide incident evidence.


We have co-developed systems, with hardware manufacturers, to bring you innovative recording solutions for vehicles.

For Taxi operators, Field Medix offers a small compact and affordable digital video recorder (DVR), slightly larger than a deck of cards, which can easily be accommodated, or concealed, in the fascia area of a taxi. Connected to a high resolution camera, by a single cable, it can record images for up to 5 days continuously acting as a visible deterrent, as well as offering peace of mind. Recordings are saved to a memory card which, when transferred to a PC, can be reviewed and images printed off, for the purposes of evidence. The system can be fitted to a vehicle in two hours. The DVR is transferable between vehicles so, if required, one recorder can be moved between any taxis fitted with a camera.

For transport logistic and bus operators, Field Medix offers a multi-camera, disk based, solution with 4 camera coverage and up to 1 month’s recording, utilizing a unit slightly larger than a car radio. Powered by either 12, or 24 volts, the DVR can simultaneously record the driver, passengers, load space and road views. With a GPS antenna attached, any driven route can also be matched with images recorded, so the exact geographical position can be presented.

Field Medix provides a full package, installation, 24/7 support and maintenance.

Vehicle CCTV Lite:

  • Vehicle CCTV offers protection to operators in a simple but feature-packed low cost solution for private hire vehicles.
  • Especially designed for vehicle use the DVR records over 6 hours on a 2Gb SD storage card (included) and works on a continuous recording loop function.
  • The unit can be connected for viewing to any TV set or the storage card removed and played back on a PC. Recording is in the AVI format (320x240).
  • The unique laser guide is used to set up and point the camera to ensure that it records the desired objects. The unit can be powered by the 12 volt power adapter included and even includes a battery (3xAAA) backup system.


Vehicle CCTV Pro:

  • Vehicle CCTV is the professional solution for taxi and minibus operators.
  • It combines the features of a high specification camera with a built in microphone. The camera is a 420 TV Line Hi-Res CCD camera which is designed to work in very low light conditions.
  • The camera is connected to feature-packed recording box. The system which operates on 12 volts is designed to be hard wired into a vehicle to offer constant cover and can be professionally or DIY installed in less than 2 hours.
  • Vehicle CCTV professional can be set up to react to motion detection – recording only when there is activity and each recording is date and time stamped.
  • The recorder can be configured to take a high resolution image every 2 seconds or record continuously with or without audio. (Please note audio recording is not permitted in some countries)
  • Recordings are stored on SD card (4Gb max) allowing up to 16 hours continuous recording before the unit records over the oldest images. The unit can be connected to a monitor to view live pictures or for playback. The SD card can be removed and played back on a PC. Recording is in the AVI format (320x240) with audio or JPEG (640x480).


Vehicle CCTV FleetCam:

  • Vehicle CCTV Fleetcam is a multi-camera mobile digital video recorder (DVR) system comprising of recording unit, up to 4 cameras and GPS locating unit.
  • When fitted in a bus or commercial vehicle multiple cameras can be monitored and recorded. In addition to date and time stamping the exact global position can be fixed using Google Earth™.
  • Vehicle CCTV Fleetcam Cameras can be fitted to record views of the passengers, view ahead, exits and load space.
  • The recording unit is small and compact (2Din) and can operate using 12 or 24 volts.
  • Vehicle CCTV Fleetcam has all features one would expect from a professional CCTV recorder: MPEG4 ASP recording, including motion detection, object search, real-time live monitoring, bi directional audio, smart search, USB backup to memory stick or DVD, 4x zoom and network and internet connectivity.
  • The unit can be remote controlled and remote access via mobile phone or PDA.

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